How to avoid the Post Christmas Blues

Sydney Ferry

A ferry ride is one way to beat the Post Christmas Blues

The Post Christmas Blues … You might have experienced them in the past. They go something like this.

You’ve had a big year and worked very hard. Next comes Christmas with all of its excitement and busyness. Then something happens. You hit a bit of a slump and feel a bit flat. That’s the Post Christmas Blues!

While ups and downs are part of life there are steps you can take to ride them through.

The first step is to take time out to refresh and recharge. Do nothing, relax and let your body rejuvenate. If you can, take a day or two of rest and take it easy.

After that, one of the best ways to get over the Post Christmas Blues is to do something a bit different. You can come up with your own list but here at Smart Franchise we’ve got 7 suggestions to get you thinking:

  1. Jump out of a plane – with a parachute of course!
  2. Take a sports car for a test drive
  3. Read one of the classics, Dickens, Austin, or Jules Verne
  4. Go to an Art Gallery
  5. Take a ferry ride, or go for a bush walk
  6. Donate something to a charity
  7. Listen to some classical music

The important thing is to do something different that’s not work related. Recreation is a great way to take time out, get re-energised and stimulate fresh ideas.

So, what helps you get out of a slump? Write a comment, we’d love to hear your ideas.!

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