How to provide smarter franchise payroll solutions

For franchises, there’s a compelling reason to solve the payroll puzzle. Fair Work are committed to driving payroll compliance through audits and media attention. It can be difficult to steer a course through the mass of software and apps that promise solutions. But with the right information and assistance you can do this – and we’re running […]

Franchise wages: 3 reasons your bill is too high

franchise wages

Franchise wages continue to hit the media and attract government scrutiny. In response, over the next few weeks we’ll be writing a series of articles that explore franchise payroll issues.   Why your franchise wages bill might be too high This might seem a strange topic given that the current franchise wages kerfuffle is largely about underpayment of wages. However, some owners […]

How to increase sales in your new business

Starting your new franchise business

Sales results often turn out different from what we expected, and it’s not always better! If you are a new franchise owner this can be unsettling. But there are several positive steps you can take to increase sales in your business rather than wallow in despair! The first thing to understand is that your new business […]

Collaborate for franchise conference success

Conference workshop speakers are sometimes seen as miracle workers who parachute in and single-handedly change people’s lives. If only it was that simple! In our experience, it’s essential to collaborate with the franchisor team when preparing presentations. Here’s an example for a franchise conference we recently spoke at. The National Franchise Manager described the landscape: […]

Functional illiteracy and franchising

reading skills and franchising

More than 45% of people in Australia are functionally illiterate, according to government studies. I can’t find the stats on numeracy just at the moment, but I’m sure I’ve read that they are worse. As I started to think about it, I realised knowledge of the struggles many people have with understanding and communicating in […]

Free Weekly Business Tips eBook

Smart Franchise Weekly Business Tips

Download your free copy of the Weekly Business Tips eBook here. Weekly Business Tips provide a regular dose of short, sharp and practical tips for business people. They cover topics such as goals & planning, key numbers to monitor, sales, and topics to revitalise your business meetings. We’ve compiled our favourite tips in this eBook. You can download your […]

Training. Are you doing enough?

Staff training is the responsibility of every business owner. But many people we meet don’t seem that interested in it. And their business pays the price! As a business owner or manager, you’re responsible for your staff doing things the way you want them to. If you’re not happy with what they’re doing it’s up […]

Sales: Are you getting enough?

Sales are THE critical factor for business success! If you’re not making sales you haven’t got a business. And it’s so competitive out there you can’t just wait for the order. Business owners must be in sales mode. It’s a deliberate mindset; something that requires constant effort and attention. The sale is a special moment between […]

Go with your strengths

Our strengths are what we’re good at. And the good news is nature has made us in such a way that we tend to enjoy what we’re good at. The reverse is also true. We tend not to enjoy those things we’re not so good at. These are our weaknesses. One of the first steps […]

7 key numbers to monitor

7 numbers to monitor in business

One of the key roles of a business owner is to keep an eye on the financial performance of their business. But it’s important to know which numbers to pay attention to. To help you, we’ve highlighted 7 key numbers to look at each month and what to do with them.   Sales last month, […]