How to provide smarter franchise payroll solutions

For franchises, there’s a compelling reason to solve the payroll puzzle. Fair Work are committed to driving payroll compliance through audits and media attention. It can be difficult to steer a course through the mass of software and apps that promise solutions. But with the right information and assistance you can do this – and we’re running […]

How to increase sales in your new business

Starting your new franchise business

Sales results often turn out different from what we expected, and it’s not always better! If you are a new franchise owner this can be unsettling. But there are several positive steps you can take to increase sales in your business rather than wallow in despair! The first thing to understand is that your new business […]

Thumbs up for staff incentives!

Bakers Delight team member

How come some bosses attract and keep good staff, while others constantly struggle with underperformance? Is it good luck and good timing, or are those bosses doing something special? When you meet a great boss in a top performing business, you’ll often discover they make good use of staff incentives. They happily reward staff for […]

Financial performance in franchises

Financial Performance. We hear a lot of people talk about it, but many franchisees and business owners simply don’t know what it is. And they don’t know how to improve it. This is a big topic and there are two parts to it. Firstly, we need to help with the understanding at the base level. […]

The trouble with benchmarking


What I love about benchmarking is that you can compare your performance against others. But what I hate about benchmarking is that you can compare your performance against others..! You see, benchmarking can be a double-edged sword when used in a franchise network. It can help a business improve its results, but it might be discouraging in some situations. […]

Five ways to keep your local area marketing on track

Successful athletes don’t achieve their results simply by turning up on the day. Months of preparation lead up to the competition. Likewise, the sales you make today are the result of actions in the past. The sales you’ll make in the future will be the result of what you do today. But we are often […]

Barbecue marketing

Networking is one of the best ways to increase sales by promoting your business. Here’s how one franchisee has created a networking event with a personal flavour. This is barbecue marketing, Canadian style. Here’s Brian cooking up a storm and making the most of long summer days to connect with people and build business. Not […]