How to cope with a cash flow crisis

How would your business cope with a cash flow crisis? Hopefully it will never happen, but if it does, a methodical approach can help you survive. Of course, we know prevention is best. Run the business well, have sound financial management practices and don’t let a financial problem happen in the first place. But the […]

Cash Flow issues during the business lifecycle

Just as there is a human cycle of life, businesses go through a lifecycle; from start-up through growth to maturity and then renewal or exit.  There are different issues and financial consequences throughout. This article provides an overview of key stages in the business lifecycle and highlights some of the financial considerations. Start-up: Keep good […]

How to Improve Cash Flow: 3 key areas for action

Smart franchise operators know that chasing debtors and effective stock management helps minimise working capital requirements and improve cash flow. But by looking deeper into operations, you can significantly improve cash flow and profit, and reduce debt. This article focuses on three powerful, yet frequently overlooked, ways your business can achieve cash flow efficiencies. 1. […]