How to avoid the Post Christmas Blues

Sydney Ferry

The Post Christmas Blues … You might have experienced them in the past. They go something like this. You’ve had a big year and worked very hard. Next comes Christmas with all of its excitement and busyness. Then something happens. You hit a bit of a slump and feel a bit flat. That’s the Post Christmas […]

A quick business health check

Business Health Check

How do you feel about the financial health of your business? Perhaps it’s time for a business health check? Perhaps you have a vague idea of how your business is going financially, and you hope it’s okay. Or are you so busy running your business that you rarely take time to look at the bigger […]

7 things that can send your franchise broke

Franchise failure has big consequences. At some stage in the life of a franchise network, there will be franchisees in financial distress. There may be a closed store, a struggling franchisee, or underperformance. Business failure can have a shattering impact on the franchisee. It can also affect families, staff, the franchisor and the wider community. […]

Buying a franchise: 5 financial conversations you must have

To have the best chance of success in a franchise it’s important to thoroughly assess the financial aspects of starting and running a business. Based on our experience there are 5 financial conversations you must have when you assess a franchise opportunity. These conversations will help you build a solid foundation for success and reduce […]

How to cope with a cash flow crisis

How would your business cope with a cash flow crisis? Hopefully it will never happen, but if it does, a methodical approach can help you survive. Of course, we know prevention is best. Run the business well, have sound financial management practices and don’t let a financial problem happen in the first place. But the […]