Due diligence and franchise failure

For a prospective franchisee, financial due diligence is essential if you want to reduce the risk of your business getting into financial difficulty later. Rather than hope for the best, it helps if you go in with your eyes open to the risks, and a plan to minimise them. Every new franchisee starts out with […]

Franchise sales: 5 roadblocks to success

The cost of not selling enough franchises is high, and franchisors can’t afford to repeatedly miss their franchise sales targets. At a recent seminar, we shed light on 5 roadblocks to achieving franchise sales targets. Here’s a summary of what we covered. With over 1,000 franchise systems in Australia, there’s plenty of competition for franchise […]

Buying a franchise: 5 financial conversations you must have

To have the best chance of success in a franchise it’s important to thoroughly assess the financial aspects of starting and running a business. Based on our experience there are 5 financial conversations you must have when you assess a franchise opportunity. These conversations will help you build a solid foundation for success and reduce […]

Honey, let’s buy a franchise!

Financial Conversations for Franchisees

Whether or not your spouse or partner works with you, family financial conversations are very much a part of business life. It’s best if they start before the doors open. “Hey honey, looks like we need to invest $100,000 to buy this franchise”, he says. “No worries”, she says, “that’s great… where do I sign?” […]

What to consider before you finance a franchisee into business

Vendor financing and other financing solutions can help franchisee and franchisor achieve their goals, but do they divert attention from a bigger issue? Years ago I met a franchisee  given a start by a franchisor who lent him the money to fund the business. It produced a win for both of them. The young prospect […]

Franchise Challenges in 2012

Moving towards 2012, it’s unclear where the economy is heading. Business people have the challenge of taking a realistic view of the issues and stress points, whilst providing confident leadership that creates opportunity. We want to find out what franchise leaders are focused on as it comes to 2012. We’ve already spoken to a few […]