Franchise wages: 3 reasons your bill is too high

franchise wages

Franchise wages continue to hit the media and attract government scrutiny. In response, over the next few weeks we’ll be writing a series of articles that explore franchise payroll issues.   Why your franchise wages bill might be too high This might seem a strange topic given that the current franchise wages kerfuffle is largely about underpayment of wages. However, some owners […]

Top 5 things your sales figures tell you

Your sales figures tell you how many dollars worth of sales you’ve made but they can tell you so much more than that. This article looks at the Top 5 things your sales figures really tell you. 1. How good your marketing is Your sales figures will tell you how good your marketing is. The […]

Be careful what you wish for

Are you in danger of being distracted from the main game, and could this hurt your business? In the fable “The old man and death”, Aesop tells of a man gathering sticks who grumbles and wishes for death to rescue him from his toil: “I cannot bear this life any longer. Ah, I wish Death […]

Goals for a healthy business

Well, here we are in 2013! What do you want to be saying about the year on 31st December? Where you get to in the 365 days ahead will depend to  a large degree on your goals. So that’s where we’ll kick off the year. Goals can be tricky things, simple in theory but it’s […]

How to rediscover your passion for business

How has the last year turned out for you? 2013 is just around the corner, so here’s our last post for the year. Some practical reflection on 2012, and a bit of a shove to get 2013 going! As you reflect on the year that’s gone, hopefully there were some successes and moments of excitement […]

How to cope with the carbon tax

While the carbon tax is not a direct tax on small business, there will be indirect impacts that every business needs to consider.  Franchise businesses, both franchisee and franchisor, need to consider this. Most business won’t pay a carbon price, and they won’t have additional paperwork or compliance costs. However, carbon pricing will have a […]

Financial foundations for survival in uncertain times

As 2012 gets underway, experts predict slower growth and uncertain times ahead.  Even experienced business owners and managers are now encountering unfamiliar territory. For some, profits are threatened and cashflow stretched. Others are eager to capitalise on new opportunities for growth. Most are facing changes to their cost structures. This highlights the need for tight […]