Saving to finance your franchise

Mixed in with excitement at the idea of becoming a business owner are always some financial concerns. Saving to finance your franchise will help reduce those concerns. Questions that people ask are ones like: How much will it cost? “How can I afford it? How will I pay the mortgage and the bills? How much […]

Preparing your Business for Sale

For many franchise owners, their business is one of their most valuable assets. Unfortunately, after all the time and money invested, some stumble the last hurdle and are disappointed when they discover their business isn’t worth what they hoped for. To maximise the value of the business it helps to understand what drives the value […]

The art of goal setting

Is goal setting an art or a science? Sometimes it really seems more of an art, and if you want to increase your chance of achieving your dreams, it pays to master the art of setting goals. A good goal can inspire, motivate, and create energy. It encourages us to progress towards it and helps […]

Financial goals for your new franchise

People go into business to make money. It’s not the only thing that matters but it is very important.  We need enough to live comfortably and we want to be financially secure. It’s important to be clear about your financial expectations before you become a franchise owner. Knowing this will help you make an informed […]