Free Weekly Business Tips eBook

Smart Franchise Weekly Business Tips

Download your free copy of the Weekly Business Tips eBook here. Weekly Business Tips provide a regular dose of short, sharp and practical tips for business people. They cover topics such as goals & planning, key numbers to monitor, sales, and topics to revitalise your business meetings. We’ve compiled our favourite tips in this eBook. You can download your […]

Training. Are you doing enough?

Staff training is the responsibility of every business owner. But many people we meet don’t seem that interested in it. And their business pays the price! As a business owner or manager, you’re responsible for your staff doing things the way you want them to. If you’re not happy with what they’re doing it’s up […]

Sales: Are you getting enough?

Sales are THE critical factor for business success! If you’re not making sales you haven’t got a business. And it’s so competitive out there you can’t just wait for the order. Business owners must be in sales mode. It’s a deliberate mindset; something that requires constant effort and attention. The sale is a special moment between […]

Go with your strengths

Our strengths are what we’re good at. And the good news is nature has made us in such a way that we tend to enjoy what we’re good at. The reverse is also true. We tend not to enjoy those things we’re not so good at. These are our weaknesses. One of the first steps […]

7 key numbers to monitor

7 numbers to monitor in business

One of the key roles of a business owner is to keep an eye on the financial performance of their business. But it’s important to know which numbers to pay attention to. To help you, we’ve highlighted 7 key numbers to look at each month and what to do with them.   Sales last month, […]

Working with a business coach: 4 Tips

A business coach can help your business stand out

A business coach can really be a help in your franchise. Here are 4 tips for working with one in your business. With so much going on in our lives it’s easy to get distracted and burn energy on unimportant tasks. As a result the really important things go by the wayside. To avoid this […]

Never Give Up

Churchill Quote

“Never, never, never give up” ~ Winston Churchill immortalised these words and epitomised them in his own character. They give a brilliant insight into what it takes to achieve great things! They also highlight what it takes to run a small business. Sometimes it can be tough running a business. It can throw up many things […]

Business Plan: A quick guide

Business Plans - A guidebook for your business

If you want to do well in business it’s helpful to have a written business plan. Having goals is a good start, but it’s your business plan that creates a guidebook for how you’ll achieve them. A plan gives clear direction, a focus for work and milestones so you can check on progress. By contrast, […]

Goals. A quick Tip

Weekly Business Tip - Goals

What are your goals? Do you have them written down, and are you working towards them? There’s a lot to keep you busy in your business, just with day-to-day activities such as serving customers, managing staff and doing paperwork. Being a business owner isn’t about keeping busy to fill the time. You want to achieve […]