Performance Groups

ClimberPerformance Group meetings are held on a regular basis where members meet with like-minded business owners to learn and share knowledge. The meetings follow a structured format with a standing agenda, this means the groups stays focussed on the topic at hand.

Performance Groups form an important step in developing the skills of those who want to grow and build their business. They provide a forum where members learn strong business management practices and gain insights to help them improve. Benchmarking forms a natural part of these meetings, tracking both financial and non-financial measures.

Essentially, performance groups are about:

  • Improving the financial performance of your franchise
  • Developing your business disciplines, and holding you to account
  • Reviewing your progress to ensure you’re on track
  • Identifying opportunities to improve, prompting you to take action.

Performance Groups give you the chance to meet with like-minded business people who want to develop their business. They provide the opportunity for you to compare your business with others, share knowledge and learn new skills.

You will learn strong business principles and be held accountable for the actions you commit to. These essential business skills will help you develop into a better business owner and challenge yourself.

Through our performance group, we’ve realized tangible business results in key areas including staff costs, productivity, and cost of goods sold. We’ve become proficient in Financial and Operational aspects of our business and have formed a loyal and trustworthy group of peers – the true benefit of any franchise operation.


We run two formats of Performance Groups.

New franchise owner group

For those new to business, the New Business Owner group is the perfect entry level group to join.

It meets on a regular basis and is designed to help you learn the skills of business management. It will also provide support as you implement what you’ve learned.

We cover the essential elements for new business owners, including:

  • Financial performance, what to monitor and how to respond
  • Sales, how to drive sales in your business
  • Cash flow management, how to monitor and improve
  • Business meetings, why they matter and the key things to talk about

The really cool thing about performance groups is this. As a new business owner you have a lot to learn. The beauty of performance groups is that you can learn the essentials of business management progressively. At the end of 12 months you’ll have covered the important building blocks on which you can build your business.

Membership fees are $180 (+gst) per month, with a commitment required for 12 months.

Contact us to find out more about New franchise owners Performance Groups.

Looking back it is hard to believe that our business was as unprofitable, and time consuming as it was. I still remember Kate pleading with me to join the group, thanks Kate for your persistence. I am a happy and richer person for being a member of the group. Kate made the groups successful with her devotion, interaction and determination.

The second format group we run is:

Mature franchise owner group

This is the group to join if you’ve been running your business for a while and are looking to take it to the next level.

You might be looking to become a multi-unit owner, bring on additional staff or develop capacity, etc. Regardless of the reason, you’re seeking inspiration, ideas and your next challenge.

This group is more than just a social catch up. It’s for those who want to push themselves up to the next level, and are looking for additional input of ideas and experience. We work through a standing agenda which keeps us focussed on the topic at hand.

Some of the key components of the meetings are:

  • Benchmarking, financial and non-financial
  • Performance and productivity improvement
  • “The Hot Seat”, where we tackle individual member business challenges
  • In depth focus on specific business issues

Accountability is something people look for in these groups. It’s a critical component and we incorporate it in our meetings. Full and frank discussions are an important part of being involved, and we work by the maxim, “What’s said in the group stays in the group.”

Membership fees are $270 (+gst) per month, with a commitment required for 12 months.

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