Cash Flow Planning Guide

Cash flow planning is one of the most important jobs in a business. Our Cash Flow Planning Guide will help you put together a cash flow forecast.

Most people in business have a pretty good idea of what bills they have to pay. They know what rent they have to pay, what their lease payments are and roughly what the wages will be each month. Many people carry these figures around in their head.

They also know how much they need to take home to pay for mortgage, groceries, school fees and other household expenses.

However, after these big expenses are paid, the numbers get a bit fuzzy. Often, people have no clue as to what their BAS payment will be each quarter, or even how much they need to pay their suppliers each month. They simply hope the funds will be there to pay the bills and maybe even a little extra for them to take home for the weekend.

The idea of cash flow planning doesn’t even cross their minds. They may have heard of it, but don’t really understand it. They don’t know what it means, or how to do it.

We’ve seen this hundreds of times and know this is the reality. But we also know you’re at greater risk of going broke if you’re not on top of your cash flow. There is no quicker way of losing your business than running out of cash.

Free Cash Flow Planning Guide

To help you with your business, we’ve created this Cash Flow Planning Guide. It shows you how to do a cash flow forecast in 5 simple steps. It’s written in a practical and intuitive way.

To get on your way to planning your cash flow, click to download our Cash flow Planning Guide.

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