Due diligence and franchise failure

For a prospective franchisee, financial due diligence is essential if you want to reduce the risk of your business getting into financial difficulty later. Rather than hope for the best, it helps if you go in with your eyes open to the risks, and a plan to minimise them. Every new franchisee starts out with […]

Franchise sales: 5 roadblocks to success

The cost of not selling enough franchises is high, and franchisors can’t afford to repeatedly miss their franchise sales targets. At a recent seminar, we shed light on 5 roadblocks to achieving franchise sales targets. Here’s a summary of what we covered. With over 1,000 franchise systems in Australia, there’s plenty of competition for franchise […]

Saving to finance your franchise

Mixed in with excitement at the idea of becoming a business owner are always some financial concerns. Saving to finance your franchise will help reduce those concerns. Questions that people ask are ones like: How much will it cost? “How can I afford it? How will I pay the mortgage and the bills? How much […]