Buying a franchise: 5 financial conversations you must have

To have the best chance of success in a franchise it’s important to thoroughly assess the financial aspects of starting and running a business. Based on our experience there are 5 financial conversations you must have when you assess a franchise opportunity. These conversations will help you build a solid foundation for success and reduce […]

How to get people interested in finance

A question we are often asked by accountants, bankers and advisers is “How do we get people interested in what we’ve got to say?” They say, “I know I can help, but people seem to glaze over when I start talking” The answer is quite simple. Let me explain, and on the way we’ll take a […]

Honey, let’s buy a franchise!

Financial Conversations for Franchisees

Whether or not your spouse or partner works with you, family financial conversations are very much a part of business life. It’s best if they start before the doors open. “Hey honey, looks like we need to invest $100,000 to buy this franchise”, he says. “No worries”, she says, “that’s great… where do I sign?” […]

Why do financial conversations matter?

Financial conversations are at the heart of business and we need to become better at them. Effective conversations enable business to grow, tackle difficulties and take on new opportunities. And they’re not just for business. Financial conversations are also part of family life, especially for business owners. Consider for a moment all the different types […]