Due diligence and franchise failure

For a prospective franchisee, financial due diligence is essential if you want to reduce the risk of your business getting into financial difficulty later. Rather than hope for the best, it helps if you go in with your eyes open to the risks, and a plan to minimise them. Every new franchisee starts out with […]

10 signs of financial distress

Signs of business distress are usually there long before a problem gets to the critical stage. Often, it’s not financial signs we notice first, but the personal ones. Things like people being grumpy, or not sleeping well. When a business or person gets into financial trouble, observers sometimes say: “Didn’t they notice the signs?”. It […]

How to cope with a cash flow crisis

How would your business cope with a cash flow crisis? Hopefully it will never happen, but if it does, a methodical approach can help you survive. Of course, we know prevention is best. Run the business well, have sound financial management practices and don’t let a financial problem happen in the first place. But the […]