Financial performance in franchises

Financial Performance. We hear a lot of people talk about it, but many franchisees and business owners simply don’t know what it is. And they don’t know how to improve it. This is a big topic and there are two parts to it. Firstly, we need to help with the understanding at the base level. […]

Due diligence and franchise failure

For a prospective franchisee, financial due diligence is essential if you want to reduce the risk of your business getting into financial difficulty later. Rather than hope for the best, it helps if you go in with your eyes open to the risks, and a plan to minimise them. Every new franchisee starts out with […]

How to choose an accountant for your franchise

When you are looking for an accountant to work with your franchise, it’s useful to bear in mind there are essentially three types of accountants. There are those that focus on tax, others that focus on the business and there are others that have expertise with franchising. We’ll discuss the typical characteristics of each of […]