Business Plan: A quick guide

Business Plans - A guidebook for your business

If you want to do well in business it’s helpful to have a written business plan. Having goals is a good start, but it’s your business plan that creates a guidebook for how you’ll achieve them. A plan gives clear direction, a focus for work and milestones so you can check on progress. By contrast, […]

Top 5 things your sales figures tell you

Your sales figures tell you how many dollars worth of sales you’ve made but they can tell you so much more than that. This article looks at the Top 5 things your sales figures really tell you. 1. How good your marketing is Your sales figures will tell you how good your marketing is. The […]

How to cope with the carbon tax

While the carbon tax is not a direct tax on small business, there will be indirect impacts that every business needs to consider.  Franchise businesses, both franchisee and franchisor, need to consider this. Most business won’t pay a carbon price, and they won’t have additional paperwork or compliance costs. However, carbon pricing will have a […]

Cash Flow issues during the business lifecycle

Just as there is a human cycle of life, businesses go through a lifecycle; from start-up through growth to maturity and then renewal or exit.  There are different issues and financial consequences throughout. This article provides an overview of key stages in the business lifecycle and highlights some of the financial considerations. Start-up: Keep good […]