How to increase sales in your new business

Starting your new franchise business

Sales results often turn out different from what we expected, and it’s not always better! If you are a new franchise owner this can be unsettling. But there are several positive steps you can take to increase sales in your business rather than wallow in despair! The first thing to understand is that your new business […]

Sales: Are you getting enough?

Sales are THE critical factor for business success! If you’re not making sales you haven’t got a business. And it’s so competitive out there you can’t just wait for the order. Business owners must be in sales mode. It’s a deliberate mindset; something that requires constant effort and attention. The sale is a special moment between […]

Top 5 things your sales figures tell you

Your sales figures tell you how many dollars worth of sales you’ve made but they can tell you so much more than that. This article looks at the Top 5 things your sales figures really tell you. 1. How good your marketing is Your sales figures will tell you how good your marketing is. The […]

Five ways to keep your local area marketing on track

Successful athletes don’t achieve their results simply by turning up on the day. Months of preparation lead up to the competition. Likewise, the sales you make today are the result of actions in the past. The sales you’ll make in the future will be the result of what you do today. But we are often […]

Barbecue marketing

Networking is one of the best ways to increase sales by promoting your business. Here’s how one franchisee has created a networking event with a personal flavour. This is barbecue marketing, Canadian style. Here’s Brian cooking up a storm and making the most of long summer days to connect with people and build business. Not […]