Here are comments from some of our corporate clients and franchise owners who have attended our workshops.

“Kate and Peter obviously love what they do and this comes across in preparation and delivery. Their ability to ‘join the dots’ from their experiences and connect to the situation at hand is powerful and insightful”.

“Peter’s ability to present what could have been a relatively “dry” topic in a way that was both entertaining and informative was outstanding”.

“Both Kate and Peter were inspiring and thought provoking. Easy to work with. Listened well and were open to adapting the program as we both learnt more about each other.”

“Key to the success of the workshop was the preparation Kate and Peter were prepared to do before the event. They walked into the workshop with a good understanding of where the team was at and what they were looking for from the session.”

“I would recommend Kate as a group facilitator without question. Her experience in franchise operation in particular can help both franchisee and franchisor realize their goals of running a better business”.

“I came in today thinking this was going to be boring. But it was made fun. I learned a lot. It was easy to understand and made me feel more confident about going into my business.”

“Today has shown me that I am capable of learning and comprehending the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly financial aspects of running a business.”

“Kate and Peter delivered the content with humour and honesty, which kept the guys interested all day.”

“Financial Management was fantastic!”

“I learned a lot and enjoyed the way it was presented. Thanks!”