Business Health Check


An interesting talk about finance at a conference? Is that even possible?

We all know that finance is important. But you might have found it difficult to get your franchisees engaged in the topic.

We've developed this workshop to provide a conference friendly way to stimulate thought about business and get people talking in a meaningful way about finance.

Also to share their experiences and learn from their peers.

The workshop is suitable for business owners with different levels of knowledge and business experience.

We've also found that many business owners want to check on the financial health of their business. This lets them see if it's in good shape, or identify where improvements are needed.

The Business Health Check workshop will do just that. It will let your franchisees see how they're travelling and what areas they need to work on. 

About the Workshop

The “Business Health Check" workshop looks at the health of a business in a fun and engaging way.

  • It covers the 5 essential areas every business owner needs to check on
  • It’s delivered in an engaging manner
  • We encourage people to be involved and share their

In order to make well informed decisions about your business it’s vital to understand the numbers. While we do cover the numbers, we also discuss the key elements of business success.

During the workshop we will cover:

    • Sales and local area marketing
    • Managing cashflow
    • Improving profitability and
    • The importance of business rigour

    We also help participants gain insights about the current state of their business and look for ways to improve.

    Ideal for: Franchisees at all stages of development. From brand new business owners, to mature owners who have years of experience.

    Minimum number of participants: 15

    Format: Highly interactive. We use customised, practical examples and extensive group discussion.

    Duration: 3 hours, plus breaks

    Cost: $3,500 plus GST (plus travel and accommodation for 2 people). We recommend franchisees contribute towards the cost.

    Facilitated by: Kate Groom & Peter Knight


    Financial Confidence Workshop - “Easy info to follow, enjoyable and well worth it.”  ~ Colleen, Frontline Recruitment