2018 initiatives 

Help your Franchisees improve their Financial Performance 


Franchisors know how valuable it is to have a well performing network. 

Some are keen to provide strong financial support to their group, but are constrained by a lack of internal capability.

We have developed a cost effective and practical approach to help franchisors provide financial insights to their group

This involves;

  • Collecting financial results
  • Benchmarking performance
  • Customise reports for franchisees
  • Presenting insights in an engaging way

This systematic and structured approach means you can have valuable discussions with your franchisees, leading to better performance. 

As one franchisor recently said, " We want to provoke good conversations about how to improve."




How we work with you

We have found it is essential to collaborate closely with our clients to create a the most relevant output for your group.

You need a strong commitment to the project and a long term perspective regarding the financial performance of your group.

We will :

  • Develop a project roadmap with you
  • Assist in communication to your network
  • Co-ordinate data collection
  • Compile and interpret the data
  • Share results with you and discuss insights
  • Compile reports 
  • Disseminate findings to your internal team and franchisees

If you're interested in the financial performance of your group, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Ideal for groups with 10-35 franchisees

Pricing: Packages start from $1,950 + GST per month for a 12 month project. 


Improve financial performance
Specialised financial insights and reporting is the cornerstone to a strong performing franchise group