Workshops & Conference Talks

Business and financial awareness for franchisees is critical to the development of your network. Business and financial skills provide the foundation for success and help people run a better business.

We help franchisees improve their business acumen and make sense of financial information. This leads to better informed decisions. As a result they can see where to take action.

This can result in more sales, increased profit, and reduce the risk of underperformance.


Conference Talks

One of the best ways to demonstrate your commitment to building the financial skills of your franchisees is to include a financial session at your conference.

We’ve found conferences provide a non-threatening environment that enables people of all skill levels to learn something new.

They can share their experiences and gain new insights to help with their business. This prompts relevant conversations within your network.

List of talks:

  • Financial Confidence
  • Business Health Check
  • The 5 Essential Elements for Business Success
  • How to Thrive in Turbulent Times
  • How to prepare your business for sale

Other topics we cover

  • Business Planning




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Worksops provide a more intimate environment where small groups of franchisees can learn and share together. 

They're ideal when you're looking for deeper engagement and more practical application of the knowledge acquired in business.


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Cash Flow Management

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Online Learning

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